Rev.Graham Nathan Guy ' site.

come , read my dreams and visions for Australia , my comments on issues.


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I love my hometown of Wollongong, on the NSW South Coast.

my Senior High School years were very special

   and the beginning of my achieving in life.

  great mates

  and an inspiring view of the mountain our school was named after.

I loved my Sunday School and Youth group in my city church

          with it's brick tower.

  the internet has brough in the age of information sharing

great for sharing our stories

yet we have to protect our privacy from those who would

misuse the information.

     I think I've written enough that if you were there you'll

ecognise know the names I've omitted.

do email me to catch up


scammers please don't bother


 Christian ministry is my calling and my love.

 God called me into ministry to serve Him

 weather informal settings

or as a Denominational Ordained  iMnister

   serving Him  in the institution as a place to inspire, to encourage  and share life with  friends, collegues   members

        and those I meet in the community.

 During the twentieth century ( starting back in the nineties)

Child Protection, Mandatory Reporting disclosures of sexual abuse and building ministry and support for survivors

          has become a priority

whilst maintaining a breadth of  community involvement

        advocating in areas of traffic, transport, inland cities, social planning, town planning, and social justice as issues arise.

            Fair wagers, affordable housing being a necessity,  releasing assylum seeekers found to be genuine refugees  etc.

  As a student Minister, lay Pastor and Ordained Minister in  the Presbyterian Church  I served in city and coastal country parishes.

I endevoured to be relevant to the community,

   At university in sociology I wrote a mini thesis on  "The role of the Church in the community"

and kept the dynamics in mind in each parish in each community.

eg    researching and preaching "The Theology of Leisure"  in a predomantly tourist town

        learning and developing Child Protection Policies and implimenting Mandatory Reporting obligations and duty of care

       in my final parish where a small group of longstanding members were enablers to the resident abuser who comitted

              far too many acts of indecent assault for far too long particularly for decades before my appointment.

   then I pastored  the independantly congregation who broke away

                  during these ten years we became the local church at Sydney Olympic Park holding carols  at Christmas

and  celebrating Easter in the smaller venues.  documents this ministry.

I also have precous memories of

  • my High School Inter School Christian Fellowship
  • my Church Youth Group
  • Christian fellowship at tertiary institutions
  • living in two residential colleges

 At university in my Arts Degree I wrote essays demonstrating that Jesus Christ is the anbswer

and submitted them to my Marxist lecturers expressing my academic freedom  whilst submiting my work to their scruitany.

  I passed.

 I value the academic rigor  it certainly equiped me for a more  engaging ministry.

      I always encouraged members of Church Youth Groups and my congregations to ask questions.

          ask questions without predetermined answers

  trusting God for the answers

      it may be common sence

      it may be seen in the world God created  ( yes, I believe in c reation the explanation is another story)

     it may be in the scriptures

    it may require ongoing prayer for God's help and insight.

     think outside man made  boxes and historical or current cultural norms.

I found it's amazing how much church culture and norms and conceptions are middle class values

which are not Biblical imperatives and values.

   In searching the scriptures I have found really exciting texts   that produce   adventure, chalenges and adventure.

Christianity is meant to be enjoyed

meant to be fulll of love and  fulment

whilst Character is built through enduring adversity  facing and dealing with problems

finding answers through rigorous processes etc.

    "God helps those who let Him"