Rev.Graham Nathan Guy ' site.

come , read my dreams and visions for Australia , my comments on issues.




.During my adult years, particularly during my 17 years in Denominational Ministry ( the last four years being Ordained)
I sought to express my faith in Jesus Christ and my trust in Him

        to apply the principles found in the Bible

in a relevant manner in the community.

I have served on many committees including:



  • Youth Accomodation
  • an Aged Care Committee
  • a Christian Media Committee
  • community development committees
  • served as a President of a P & C
  • was President of a Chamber of Commerce


When one lobbies one works with many others
and often needs the support of many others
in conjunction with Local MP's, Local Council Councellors and staff etc I have seen the following built:


  • Spark's Rd bridge and road widening ( near Toukley)
  • A new four lane Railway Bridge at Auburn
  • new buildings for a high school


 Some of my recent lobbying includes requests for :


  • Inland cities with universities and teaching hospitals
  • Inter city high speed ( bullet or magnetic levitation) trains
  • Installation of Solar Power on School and Railway Station roves
  • Solar powered electric cars for commuters
  • Inter city electric rail to be extended to :


               Bateman's Bay (south) 
               the Rouse Hill line to go to Windsor
                   thence to Bathurst - Orange - Dubbo
               Queenbian through the valleys of Canberra to the Riverina
                Warnervale to Maitland to Tamworth

           opening up cheap land for housing in new planned cities

I believe Jesus is the light of the world

 I have seen the diference when His light shines in  the darkness.

      Christian ministry should not be seen s privilege and power  but service and duty and responsability

              to love God

              to love the people we meet.

that means being  being a Good Samaritan stoping to give first aid to the wounded man

yet taking a stand against abuse of power and injustice and advocating for the poor, the marginalised and the powerless.




Familiy and Community

family life is  not just about
nuclear Families

it's resourcing singles,
the fatherless,
the motherless
ensuring fairness
to the poor
and the marginalised
in our communities.

we are also a part of communities

our neighborhood

our suburb

our LGA


Church communities

education communities

workplace communities

     lets talk to eachother

lets look out for one another


lets care

and promoting
extended families.

Most politicians promise to do certain things if elected.
I'm out there doing it now, as I have been for years

I will continue to work for the community weather elected or not.

I am stood on a ticket for the NSW Upper House  because,

as a member of the House of review my opportunities to serve
would increase - more time and more resources
and a vote in the House,
to  work for improved services
and make representation..

      in 2018 I feel my role is to be a voice speaking from the outside

whilst keeping in touch with our political representatives.

Social Planning


  Ever since I did a subject in Social Planning at university

I have had an interest in Social Planning. 


In 2018  overdevelopment

with a disregard for the capacity of the  transport, parking, transport

health and education to cope has been a disapointment


Reforms in the rules are needed to promote sustainable development.