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Campaign for Increased resources fro Adult Survivors

For over ten years I have been lobbying for

a 1800  free call 24/7  Phone line for adult survivors
         of Child Sexual Abuse

  • manned by male and sexual assult councellors
  • for male and female survivors
As a Family First Candidate for the Legislative Council in the  2011 NSW State Election
I am committed during and after the election to Lobby for increased services for Adult Survivors.

As a Pastor at Homebush Bay in 1999 I set up a Christian Ministry Line for Ministry during the 200 Games.

I later wrote up a text version of Menu 8 of the Ministry Line
which has several steps of recovery for Adult survivors
of Child Sexual Abuse

- of which I am one. Click here (Adults only) to read My Story
warning - my story is very confrunting and may be destressing.
hence I have included positive aspects of faith as a balance.


my Ausie Survivors Site.

written for
Aussie Survivors
of sexual assult.

Recovery ought to be a priority

  • The disclosure of csa , investigation and prosecultion is for the criminal justice system
  • For too long survivors have been directed to the courts to seek financial compensation.
Whilst the result has been a greater awareness of csa in the community

my experience is that  there has not been an emphasis on recovery.

There needs to be a greater awareness that sexual assult counselling is a seperate field of health services
and not a part of mental health.
though some survivors may and some do have mental health issues

our main need is for trauma release counselling
and sexual assult counselling

with a choice of male and female counsellors.

Whilst there are more resources world wide,

NSW has fallen behind.

         There needs to be a greater resourcing of survivor recovery resources
and more funds for research.