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My advocacy for Green Energy Production

            The industrial revolution had many factors,

one driver was the invention and mass use of the steam engine with it's coal fired furnaces.

It produced energy, it powered machines, drove trains and ships.

it powered our electricity grids.

       but coal produces polution with many chemical compounds in the polutions.

       it has left soot in buildings

       it left many suffering respitory conditions - particularly asthma.

also coal is a limited resource - even the worlds largest coal deposits are limited.

     During the  post world war 2 period

steam trains were gradually replaced by deisal and electric trains.

       Electricity replaced  wooden or coal or coake heaters in homes resulting in cleaner air.

      and then came hydro electricity production.

  The twenty first centurary  saw the roll out of the production of electricity  - what we call green energy 

      or renewable energy production

  • solar power from the sun
  • wind turbines
  • wave power  using tidal or ocean waves.

 What a dream - for electricity to be produced from natural power.

a dream that is becoming more of a reality.

   with large scale battery back up  during  night time or cloudy days or no wind days.

perhaps there would be posabilities of a grid switching between solar, wind and wave power.

     a national grid could link solar power in Western Australia pre peak, to the afternoon peak demand in the eastern states.

     a national grid could draw power from parts of the continant where there is sunlight, wind or waves

when other parts are cloudy or no wind or flat seas.

    this is very much a work in progress





I must disclose that recently to support Green Energy Production I bought some shares in  green energy companies to support the industry.

Most  for reasons I can't fathom  though I have guesses

are not giving dividends.

       Whilst I could conceivably make money if the share price increases

       or the companies start giving dividends

 I'm investing because investment is needed  ( even a few hundred dollars)  to give it a chance.


Dividends and Electricity pricing

I'd like to see electricity generators, the grid operators  retailers and governments function

for green energy producers to have a projected  capital expenditure and income flow to produce dividends for long tern viability.

           not massive profits - simply small but regular dividends to attract investment in shares.

   It seems to me an ideal is around 5% dividend  to have profitable generators and affordable electricity for consumers.


bearing in mind the main cost is research and development and rollout

and employee wages

  with no raw material costs incurred by coal and gas generators

it ought to be posable for  long term electricity production

 funded from shares and long term dividends