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                   For most of my adult life I have been active in the community
and lobbled politicians for :
  • better roads and trains
  • a new High School buildings at North Lake
  • the new Station Rd bridge over the western rail line in Auburn
  • and more

Current Concerns:

     The high cost of electricity is a heavy burden on families.
      decreasing disponable income  resulting in a decline in retail sales 
             which I feel high rent / housing unaffordability  are contributing factors. 
     There is a need to upgrage inter urban transport to  access cheap land outside the Sydney basin.

      I indicated to Family First that it is my desire to particularly campaign for more services for adult survivors of child sexual abuse. In particular services for male survivors. I understand the disapointments experienced by male survivors as I am a survivor of extreme sexual abuse
during my early childhood. I am part of the estimated 1 in 6
men who were sexually abused before the age of 16.

    Bearing in mind that research
( and more research is needed)  suggests that unresolved
sexual abuse during childhood is a major causal factor of
depression,  addictions and personal issues
since I began my recovery in 1999
I asked two questions:

1.  Where are the twelve steps of recovery?
           there were none.

      As a Local Pastor at Homebush Bay I prayerfully developed a basic recovery programme.

2.  Why are there not more resources being put into recovery from Child Sexual Abuse?

     The community rightly demands adequate Child Protection Policies and Procedures
and O H and S rightly requires a working environment free from sexual harassment or sexual abuse.

   I regularly make submissions to strengthen both.

   But where are the services for survivors in Sydney?

The major hospitals in Sydney have sexual assult counsellors at home on call overnight for emergencies,
deemed to be emergencies by Triange.

But what of the needs of thousands of survivors who need to talk during the night?  Sexual assult is not a matter for Lifeline or MensLine - its a specialised field of councelling.

NSW needs a Call Centre manned by trained male and female sexual assult counsellors 24 / 7
on a 1800 number.
where survivors have a choice of male or female counsellors.

    I have  broken the shame and pain of the sexual abuse I was subjected to in my early childhood. It's taken me an enormous effort but I believe by standing up for survivors,
 especially male survivors I can make it easier for other male survivors and to help increase the awareness in the community that boys do get sexually abused
and it's impact is real and serious
and that  it needs to be acknowledged and worked through.
Recovery is possable.

male survivors are welcome to email me



Planned Inland Cities

Some time ago I had a dream of a  high speed rail line,
I like the mag lev (magnetic levitation)  myself
from Adelaide to Brisbane .
with two or three planned mega cities  along the way.

Unlike Sydney - hemmed in by the Pacific Ocean and the Blue Mountains,
inland cities could radiate in all directions.
they could be built on cheap land.

read my vision in detail and how it could work.

"Without a vision .."

A nation, a people, need a vision.

A vision with a practical outworking.

Personally, I have found when I put God first
(Proverbs Chapter 3 verse 6 and Mathew Chapter 6 verse 33)
everything else falls into place,
 through faith, practicality and  perseverance.

and God gives insights, dreams and visions