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Adelaide - Brisbane High Speed Train Line

At the heart of my vision for sustainable inland cities in Australia, is the transport corridor.
Viable cities, which can release hundreds of square miles of cheap land to house
Australia's migration programme
and develop strong, anchor, inland cities to provide essential services for inland Australia.
to link inland towns and cities and end their current isolation.

  • A high speed rail - eg like Japan's Bullet train
     or the Magnetic Levitation Train  travelling at 300 kms / hour.

  • Linking Adelaide and Brisbane -  Capital Cities    with international airports,  universities of international standing, teaching hospitals, religous and cultural centres.
  • Residents in a growing  city on the Hay Plains or Narrabri or Roma with an hourly service could access metrololitan services on a return day trip, or go from Hay to see a show or the Specialist at the hospital  could see the Opera and catch the high speed train home before 1am  that night.  All the benifits of a capital city living in rural Australia.
  • University Professors, Medical Specialists, Barristers, Mega Church Pastors in Adelaide and Brisbane could give one day a week to provide services in the new mega cities  operating dual practices as occurs now in Nowra on NSW's South Coast.
  • There would need to be a dual carriage freeway on the same corridor.

Inland Planned Cities would need

  • international airport
  • suburban electric trains
           modeled on Sydney's Central-  Strathfield coridor
  • intercity trains
               eg linking Riverina Cities to Hay and Canberra
  • freeways
  • teaching hospitals
  • universities of international standing  with faculties including:
           medicine (including training Specialists)
           medical research , pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, education,
           theology,  the Arts, Engineering, Law  etc
  • regional shopping
  • mega churches
  • facilities to accomodate a multiplicity of religous observance
  • cultural  centres
  • migrant rescource centres
  • sporting facilities
  • regional State and Federal Government offices
  • relocated Corporate Offices  and warehouses.
  • new cities generate their own rescources, innovation and capitalise on their own unique opportunities as they are discovered.

Funding and Water

Millions of super funds needed for retirement and current annuities
are dependant upon the volitile share market.

Government Bonds issued to super funds could fund the infrastructure
and provide a steady income stream into the super funds
without the need to repay the capital.
eg I'd rather my super annuity to be funded from commuter train tickets
than unsustainable profits from banks and supermarkets.

Water our northern tropical parts of Australia have harbor loads of water flowing out to sea.  There is a munlitude of dry or low flowing rivers ready to receive massive supplies diverted from the north.

Suburban Rail Network

based on the Sydney , Central to Strathfield  trunk lines,
       with radiating branch lines

  • a trunk lines - 8 to 10 tracks
  • hourly inter city services                                                     to  outer cities 50, 75,100,150 kms out                                     cities equilivant to Cambelltown Wollongong, Newcastle, Bathurst.                                     
  • express lines of to  cities 25 and  50 kms out                         cities equilivant to  Strathfield, Parramatta, Blacktowm,Pentrith                             
  •  all stations branch lines  or solar powered trams
  •       to service residential sunurbs.
  • .backed up with freeways, bus routes and interchanges.