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strategies to survive lock down restrictions

Firstly I want to acknowledge that some experience vicarious trauma on hearing of lock down restrictions                                                                                                                                     and enforcement.

Much depends on how the restrictions are communicated.

  •  weather announced harshly or with empathy.
  • weather a limited time  eg two weeks and residents can make plans  or weather it sounds indefinate

 how well the restrictions are clear or  imprecise lacking detail

  eg "no singing" 

      only the production crew and Pastor at church

      restrictions on Weddings, Funerals and family gatherings

          produced vicarious trauma for many

       and fed "conspiracy theories"  by their insensitivity

    and some rules came accross as secular minds dismissing religious observance

    to other outright persecution.

   This is the only time in modern history when Churches were not open for prayer

        during a time of national crisis.


How did I respond?

  • by focusing on infection control being the legitimate objective
  • by socialising at 2m wearing a face mask
  • wearing mask and gloves to the Supermarket and sanatising groceries at home
  •  I get it. there is a virus and it spreads easily it can stay on surfaces for hours.

      We are people, created in God's image.

      Last time we were caught unaware.   fear pervaded.

      there was a lot of aloneness.

      My Christian response.

  •        This time let us edify one another.
  •        Let us spend more time in prayer, in reading the Bible and in Praise.
  •        Let's live stream and hold zoom meetings
  •        let us hold to the promise in Romans 8 v 28  for God uses everything for good,

                                    even that which was intended for evil.

                      God can turn social control on it's head

            eg Have we become too dependant on "church" ?

         When our first love and devotion ought to be towards God Himself.

         Have we been spending more time in fellowship with each other than with the Lord?

         Have we relied on listening to our Preachers when we ought to be searching the scriptures ourselves?




How we manage during restrictions depends on many factors such as:

  • what support is available
  • access to food and supplies
  • how many live in a home or apartment and access to private outdoor areas


Wear masks

1.5m physical distance


it's sustainable.

In troubled times

I pray, asking God for strategy and strength

then I trust in Him

 to not fear

for His love casts out fear. 


I found

Musical Satire helpful

I did You tube searches

eg The Marsh Family .

 The Longest Time

Music for comfort

  Bridge over troubled waters