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come , read my dreams and visions for Australia , my comments on issues.

a city between mountains and the sea

a city of reasonable rainfall
green fields , vegetable gardens
allows its urban sprawl to intrude into prime agricultural land

whilst a city with infrastructure built for one million now being modified to attempt to service five million

it's hit the Blue Mountains and its turning its cities and selected suburb into high rise - high polluting high energy consuming high rise

land is unaffordable for our current generation of would be home buyers

our satelite cities at Mount Druitt and Campbelltown and Gosford
are built out

the only cheap land is west of the Great Dividing Range

new corridors are needed with hourly inter city trains needing to reach out to
  • west of Tamworth  - after a Maitland - Tamworth corridor
  • west of Bathurst - to Orange, Dubbo
  • west of Wagga WAgga

The remaining agricultural land needs to be reserved for farming

Arterial Freeways and outer orbital Freeways

In the sixties the Main Roads Dept  established ring roads - 1,3,5,7.
The significance of ring roads - arcs around the city centre
(in contrast to the previous emphasis on roads radiating from the city out to the east, north,  north west, west, south west and south)
was marked by the Roselands Shopping Centre whoes massive advertising campaign not only heralded suburban mega shopping centres with major Department Stores moving to the suburbs,
highlited the benefits of ring road three.

At the end of the twentieth centurary several new outer toll roads
linked freeways to creat the Sydney orbital -  linking radiating freeways with an outer ring road in essance - but entirely east of the Blue Mountains.

NSW and Australia needs the building of inland ring roads
F11, 15, 17, ...

something like an F 11 Batemans Bay - Canberra - Orange  - Tamworth - Port Macquarie.

something like an F 15  Wagga Wagga - Parks - Dubbo -  Narrabri

with a fifty year plan for F 17 Hay - Cobar - Bourke

F 21  through Broken Hill

Sydney is full   It's time for the Australian Government to either fund inland development to house migration or stop migration.

It means multiple freeways out of Sydney - tunnels through the mountains

It means inter city trains to  Nowra, Canberra and the Riverina,
and  Maitland to Tamworth out to Narrabri to the north.

The coastal strip will no longer meet the needs of our urban sprawl
the green spaces have been as infilled as possable

the rail system is at capacity - unable to cope with endless high rise surrounding suburban stations.

It's time for Sydney to cros the Great Dividing Range,

Crossing Mountains

Two hundred years ago,
Governor Lachlan Macquarie saw that Sydney needed to cross the
Blue Mountains to be able to meet growth expectations.

Three Explorers, followed by the surveyer, then the road builder
built the Great Western Highway
and Governor Macquarie travelled by coach to Bathurst.
The inland was opened up for farming and
the building of towns and cities

But  transport  to the inland  has been neglected
and yet Sydney grows
the western suburbs tired of overburdened infrastructure
expensive housing, and the profileration of town houses, units
and high rise surrounding stations struggling to cope with the crowds.

Clearly Sydney needs fast rail and freeways:

for the North West Rail to be built and extend past Rouse Hill to Richmond to Bathurst, Orange, Dubbo.

for a dual track inter city electric rail line to be built from Canberra
through the Canberian valleys (with two of four tracks for an all stations suburban service)  out to the Riverina

for a similar service   to facilitate a growth corridor from Maitland to
Tamworth and out to Narrabri

in other words to implement Governor Macquarie's vision using the technologies of the  twenty first century.

Ninety Minutes to work

It is not uncommon for commuters to take 60, 90 or 120 min to get to work with congested roads, unco-ordinated transport.

In that time commuters could be catching a bullet train to Bathurst - Orange!

So we need the north west rail line

Why not build a high speed bullet train or magnetic levitation train beside it?   Stopping at: Ryde, Norwest, Rouse Hill, Richmond,
Bathurst, Orange and Dubbo?
With an electric inter city and suburban network  radiating from Bathurst out into the Central West?

Once the connectedness of the central west allows it to breathe
once it has  rapid transport through dual corridors to Sydney
once it has direct links to Canberra and Tamworth - Narrabri

once it has a stand alone university, teaching hospital,
a university with faculties of medicine, dentistry, nursing
education and other faculties

once the university attracts overseas students

once the university of the western plains attracts students
from Sydney ,

 the cities on the western plains will be come self sufficient
and being fed, will grow and multiply
growing outlying cities, towns and villages.

It's time the NSW Government facilitated inland growth.
A large proportion of Sydney Specialist Hospitals
and university places are for country people to come to Sydney.

These hospital beds and university places ought to be in the Riverina, the Central Plains and the western New England areas.

There would be a case to move the University of NSW or UTS
out of Sydney to mid way between Bathurst - Organge
to be the catelist for a new city of one million people.
maybe even out at Dubbo.

Sydney Hospital in effect moved to Westmead

Why can't a university move to the central west?

Anchor mega cities in the Rivrina,Central West and north west
would transform NSW and revitalise inland Australia...